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Hazard Operations

Gear up, aim, fire! Plunder and strategize your way to victory, securing valuable resources with your team!
  • Tactical Decisions

    Form a versatile 3-Man squad and choose classes, gear, maps, and routes on the fly to adapt to any situation!

  • Resource Hunt

    Embark on a thrilling quest for rare loot, compete for coveted blueprint crates, and outwit enemy AI and rival squads to claim precious resources.

  • Secure Evacuation

    Reach the extraction point alive with your squad to claim abundant rewards, or explore daring extraction routes for special bonuses.

Havoc Warfare

Embrace your class, and conquer the land, sea, and skies with unparalleled team warfare!
  • Class Selection

    Dive into four iconic classes: Assault, Sniper, Engineer, and Medic, each with unique roles to fulfill.

  • Vehicle Warfare

    Pilot Assault Ships, Battle Tanks, Black Hawk Heavy Helicopters, armored vehicles, Heavy ATVs, and nearly 10 vehicles are all ready for deployment.

  • Immersive Experience

    Experience the dynamic and realistic battlefield from a first-person perspective, engage in all-out land, sea, and air combat, and feel the adrenaline rush of two-way offense and defense.

Black Hawk Down - Campaign

Classic Remastered game featuring high-definition Cinematic Warfare!
  • Iconic Scenes

    Rediscover the timeless charm of Mogadishu's town, street battles, night ops, and crash sites.

  • Classic Storyline

    Immerse yourself in the first-person retelling of Delta Operations, delivering a cinematic thrill.

  • Classic Characters

    Mysterious and iconic characters are about to make their comeback - stay tuned!

Dire Wolf

Kai Silva

Special Gear

Overload Mode: Boosts movement speed and firing rate; regains health on killing enemies.

Tactical Item

Triple Blaster: It deals high damage, launching projectiles that can latch onto vehicles.


Tactical Slides: Ability to use tactical slides.

Relies on personal skills, speed, and unyielding vigor to achieve victory.

Bee Colony

Roy Smee

Special Gear

Hive-Tech Gun: Able to lock on to multiple squad members and provide accurate healing shots to them and himself.

Tactical Item

Hive Smokescreen: Deploys a smoke screen with UAV hives that can dynamically change directions to alter the trajectory of the smoke screen.


Efficient Rescue: The squad member he rescues will be restored to full health.

Expert in creating tactical divisions on the battlefield and delivering precise healing shots to squad members.


Luna Kim

Special Gear

Kinetic Recon Arrow: Arrows that scout targets along their trajectory, proving highly effective when fired into the air.

Tactical Item

Volt Arrow: Arrows that deliver continuous electrical shocks to a designated area, dealing damage over time.


Smart Analysis: Smart Analysis. Marks damaged enemy units.

Expert in gathering extensive battlefield intelligence and executing precise long-range eliminations.


Terry Musa

Special Gear

Sonic UAV: Periodically unleashes wide-range sonic suppression, rendering enemy's Recon Arrows ineffective.

Tactical Item

Sonic Trap: Deployable on various surfaces, it can slow down and damage enemies.


Resonant Defense: Reduces damage taken from explosives.

Expert in creating dual threats and deploying strategies to achieve victory.

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