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Game Modes

  • Hazard Operations

    Gear up, aim, fire! Plunder and strategize your way to victory, securing valuable resources with your team!

    Squad Strategy

    Form a 3-person squad consisting of Operators from four classic Classes, each equipped with unique Gadgets and Gear to unleash an extensive range of tactical options.


    Capture and decode the high-value supply, Mandelbrick. Successfully decoding it offers a chance to obtain rare items. Note: Carrying Mandelbrick reveals your position to all squads!

    Secure Evacuation

    Reach Extraction Point with your squad and secure all supplies. Multiple ways of extraction await your exploration.

  • Havoc Warfare

    Legacy of the classic mode from "Delta Force". Experience multiplayer combat on an expansive map!

    Classic Reboot

    100% remake of classic maps. Original "Delta Force" combat revived.

    Vehicle Warfare

    Pilot Assault Ships, Battle Tanks, Black Hawk Heavy Helicopters, armored vehicles, Heavy ATVs, and nearly 10 vehicles are all ready for deployment.

    Immersive Experience

    Experience the dynamic and realistic battlefield from a first-person perspective, engage in all-out land, sea, and air combat, and feel the adrenaline rush of two-way offense and defense.

  • Black Hawk Down

    Classic Remastered game featuring high-definition Cinematic Warfare!

    Iconic Scenes

    Rediscover the timeless charm of Mogadishu's town, street battles, night ops, and crash sites.

    Classic Storyline

    Immerse yourself in the first-person retelling of Delta Operations, delivering a cinematic thrill.

    Classic Characters

    Mysterious and iconic characters are about to make their comeback - stay tuned!

  • Hazard Operations
  • Havoc Warfare
  • Black Hawk Down


  • Dire Wolf

    Name: Kai Silva

    Position: Assault Assault operators have faster aiming movement speed than other classes. They can use AT4 in Havoc Warfare mode.

    Tactical Gear: Motorized Exoskeleton

    Activates the wrist-mounted mechanism to overload the exoskeleton's power, gaining increased Movement Speed and RoF temporarily. Knocking down enemies recovers HP and Stamina while extending the overload duration.

    Gadget: Triple Blaster

    A hand triple grenade launcher that is fired by pulling the trigger with the index finger. Its anti-tank grenades can attach to vehicles.

    Gadget: Smoke Grenade

    Short-duration smoke grenade used for breaching. With reduced charge amount, it can be used more flexibly than a traditional one to obstruct vision temporarily.

    Trait: Tactical Slide

    Enhances agility and allows the use of tactical slides.

  • Shepherd

    Name: Terry Musa

    Position: Engineer Engineers can use welding guns to cut through wired fences, repair vehicles, and construct defenses. They can use AT4 and Stinger in Havoc Warfare mode.

    Tactical Gear: Sonic Paralysis

    Launches a sonic UAV that paralyzes enemy limbs, reducing their RoF and Movement Speed. Press the button to make the UAV fly forward and paralyze the area ahead once. Hold the button to have the UAV defend the current area and hit enemies with Sonic Paralysis four times. The UAV will resonate with and destroy any active enemy sonic devices, disabling enemy sonar surveillance within the area.

    Gadget: Sonic Trap

    Deploys a sonic trap that adheres to hard surfaces. When triggered, it generates a subsonic wave that penetrates the enemies' vests and slows them down.

    Gadget: Frag Grenade

    Defensive grenade that does AOE damage with shrapnel.

    Trait: Buffer Defense

    Uses hand device to generate anti-phase sound waves to reduce damage from explosion shock.

  • Luna

    Name: Luna Kim

    Position: Recon Recon operators have access to the radio to recon the map. They can use Respawn Beacons in Havoc Warfare mode.

    Tactical Gear: Recon Arrow

    Fires a Recon Arrow with a bow. While flying, its arrowhead consumes power to probe the surroundings and mark exposed enemies.

    Gadget: Volt Arrow

    Fires a Volt Arrow with a bow. Its arrowhead generates electric currents to deal damage over time.

    Gadget: Frag Grenade

    Defensive grenade that does AOE damage with shrapnel.

    Trait: Hunter's Mark

    Luna's damage marks enemies hit for a short duration.

  • Bee Colony

    Name: Roy Smee

    Position: Support Support operators rescue allies faster than other classes. They can use ammo crates in Havoc Warfare mode.

    Tactical Gear: Therapeutic Pistol

    Takes up a Therapeutic Pistol with a lock/track module. While locking on the targets, it can heal multiple allied operators at the same time. While healing, debuffs are also suppressed. Hold the button to heal self.

    Gadget: Smokescreen

    Launches a gesture-controlled UAV that emits a smokescreen while flying forward. Hold and turn the button to change the direction of the smokescreen while the UAV is in flight.

    Gadget: Hive-Tech Smoke Grenade

    A multi-purpose smoke grenade. Shoot it with the Therapeutic Pistol to disperse the beehive of medical nanobots in the hormone, coloring it into healing smoke. Visibility will increase after coloring.

    Trait: Quick Rescue

    Injects a beehive of medical nanobots from the Therapeutic Pistol into a downed squadmate to recover more HP.

  • Vyron

    Name: Wang Yuhao

    Position: AssaultAssault operators have faster aiming movement speed than other classes. They can use AT4 in Havoc Warfare mode.

    Tactical Gear: Air Shell Launcher - Thumper

    Fires a compressed air shell with Thumper to knock down all enemies within its area of effect.

    Gadget: Dynamic Propulsion

    Activates the portable dynamic auxiliary device to advance in the designated direction. Knocking down an enemy reduces its cooldown.

    Gadget: E-Bomb

    Throws an e-bomb that can attach to walls and vehicles until it explodes when the timer runs out.

    Trait: 动能辅助系统

    When falling from a height, the dynamic auxiliary system kicks into overdrive, minimizing fall damage while boosting your speed. The use of gear and gadgets also increases your speed.

  • Dire Wolf
  • Shepherd
  • Luna
  • Bee Colony
  • Vyron
  • Coming Soon


  • RCX-Spear Battle Rifle

    The RCX Battle Rifle is a multi-caliber rifle that fires .277 cartridge and can also be converted to use 7.62x51mm and 6.5mm Creedmoor cartridges.

  • M4A1 Assault Rifle

    The M4A1 Assault Rifle, using 5.56x45mm caliber ammo, has very reliable firepower.

  • PKM Light Machine Gun

    A fully-automatic machine gun that fires full-power cartridges, has a medium RoF and strong suppression.

  • AS Val Assault Rifle

    A Russian special operations assault rifle with powerful penetration capabilities.

  • K15 Submachine Gun

    A fully-automatic submachine gun with a super fast RoF that allows it to deal massive burst damage at close range.

  • RCX-Spear Battle Rifle
  • M4A1 Assault Rifle
  • PKM Light Machine Gun
  • AS Val Assault Rifle
  • K15 Submachine Gun


  • AH-1035D Assault Helicopter

    Heavy Attack Helicopter with unrivaled air-to-surface capabilities. Highly effective against armored vehicles with a gunner against ground personnel. Caution advised against anti-air vehicles and other surface-to-air weapons in the area. Counter incoming attacks with proper use of flares and maneuvers.

  • All-Terrain Vehicle

    Versatile four-wheeled motorbike, extremely mobile and extremely fragile. Passengers can fire their weapons.

  • LAV-G1 IFV

    The eight-wheeled IFV is highly mobile and aggressive. With a wide range of armaments that can be installed, the IFV are effective against both vehicles and infantry. Equipped with an active defense system, the IFV becomes the most survivable and dominating vehicle in the right hands.

  • LAV-AA

    The LAV is installed with anti-air armaments, serving as the strongest line of defense against enemy air superiority. Somewhat effective against ground personnel.

  • Assault Vehicle

    A light armored transport vehicle with a top-mounted weapon station for protecting passengers and dealing damage to enemy infantry. It utilizes its mobility to deploy a Respawn Beacon, rapidly deploying allied infantry to the designated location near the enemy.

  • AH-1035D Assault Helicopter
  • All-Terrain Vehicle
  • LAV-G1 IFV
  • LAV-AA
  • Assault Vehicle

Pre-registration Rewards


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  • Portable Med Crate

    Enhanced Painkiller


  • DF Assault Vest

    DF Assault Helmet


  • Bullet Selection Pack Lv.3

    Assault Rifle


  • DF Standard Backpack

    DF Universal Chest Rig


  • Assault Rifle

    Portable Surgical Kit


  • Medical Supply Gift Pack

    Tekniq Alloy


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